Tempo product

The smart induction cooker that enables you to measure, monitor and regulate temperature to compose perfect meals, every time.

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The simple, intuitive control panel makes it easy to use, right away.

Just twist to set temperature or select a smart cooking mode.

Our patent pending dial also allows you to quickly and effortlessly navigate the user interface and easily select your cooking mode of choice.

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Weigh ingredients on the go

Accurate built-in scales help you measure ingredients before, and during the cooking process. This feature is ideal for managing portions as you plate up your creation, too.

Magnetic connectors

All accessories easily attach via magnetic connectors. This not only makes it easy to use but easy to clean if you have any spillages.

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Take your cooking to the next level

Our patent pending magnetic dial makes it easy to store and clean down once you've finished. It also gives you intuitive and effortless control over temperature and time.

The dial and accessories nestle neatly in the cork base ready for your next cooking adventure.