Tempo product

The smart induction cooker that enables you to measure, monitor and regulate temperature to compose perfect meals, every time.

The smart cooker for adventurous chefs

Release your adventurous chef with complete control over your cooking. Measure, monitor and regulate temperature constantly to compose perfect meals, every time.

Pre-sale launch now live!

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Precise temperature control

The Njori Tempo smart cooker delivers the ability to conduct total temperature control over your cooking. Sous vide, slow cook and frying modes pair with temperature probes to perfect the most adventurous recipes possible.

Built in scales

Precise built-in scales measure ingredients before and during cooking. Reduce by weight functionality brings new consistency to sauces and reductions.

Ready for adventure

Take your kitchen with you. Sleek design makes the Tempo easy to store or transport. Accessories and cables tidy away neatly into the cork base, held closed by powerful magnets.