Cooker frying

A smart cooker, for smart cooks

Have more control when you cook. Our cooker precisely measures, monitors and regulates cooking temperature, helping you create perfect meals, every time. It’s a smart cooker, for smart cooks.

We're successfully funded!

If you'd like to join us on our smart cooking mission, you can still register your interest in investing in Njori via our pitch page.

For more info about investments via Crowdcube, check out our FAQs.

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

Start cooking

The simple, intuitive control panel makes it easy to use, right away.

Cooker with no dial

Plug in and add your pan.

Cooker powered on

Snap the magnetic dial in place.

Cooker with heat on

Twist to set temperature, or select a smart cooking mode.

Smart cooking

Cut your kitchen clutter. Stylish and slimline, the Njori smart cooker gives you consistently brilliant results as you cook. Accurate weighing, powerful and responsive temperature controls, and all the accessories you need to cook like a chef.

Cooker slow cooking

Slow cook

Nothing beats the flavour slow cooking imparts - but heavy slow cookers squander valuable cupboard space. Serve succulent stews or casseroles using your pan of choice and the Njori smart cooker in slow cook mode.

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Cooker sous vide


Enjoy restaurant quality, evenly cooked meat, fish, and vegetables at home. In sous-vide mode, the probe and water circulator accessories turn your pan into a water bath, perfect for gentle cooking.

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Cooker deep frying

Deep fry

Crispy fried chicken, lightly battered tempura or delicious doughnuts can be created with confidence in deep frying mode. The probe accessory automatically corrects the temperature as you place cold ingredients into the pan.

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Cooker weighing


Accurate built-in scales help you measure ingredients before, and during the cooking process. This feature is ideal for managing portions as you plate up your creation, too.

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Cooker stored away on shelf

Portable and compact

Take your kitchen with you. Sleek design makes the Njori smart cooker easy to store or transport. Accessories and cables tidy away neatly into the cork base, held closed by powerful magnets.

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Frequently asked questions

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people to pool their money together to back a business via an online platform.


In a nutshell, product development is expensive! This is a great way for Njori to speed up our plans, ensuring we get the product to market quicker as well as grow our user base, with shareholders who become strong supporters of the company.

Who can invest?

Any eligible customer over the age of 18.

How do I make an investment?

We’ve partnered with Crowdcube, so if you would like to participate in our crowdfunding, you will need to visit the Crowdcube website and register as a Crowdcube member. You can then invest from as little as £10 to help fuel our growth.

How do I make a return on my investment?

Investors will own a part of Njori through shares. One way you can make money from your investment is by selling your share for more than you paid for it. If the business grows to a point where it floats on a stock market, is bought by a larger company, or the company management buy back equity from investors, you could make a return on your investment.

What is EIS and how does it work?

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a UK government scheme designed to help smaller, higher-risk trading companies raise finance, by offering a range of tax relief to investors who purchase new shares. Eligible investors can claim up to 30% income tax relief on investments up to £1m per tax year. Click here for more information.

What stage is Njori at and what are your plans for this investment?

We have validated the product and market through a collection of retailers and built prototypes to test and demonstrate the product functionality. We have also filed patents and design registrations for the product. We now want to finish development and bring the product to market, using the investment to accelerate our growth and returns. This means investing in two main areas: Product development and Marketing.

What is Njori's vision - is there scope for you to grow?

The smart kitchen market is worth nearly £12Bn and market reports indicate smart cooktops are the fastest growing segment in this market. We have already had interest from a number of retailers that share this view, including a major UK retail chain and wholesale distributor. Smart appliances like ours are catering to the consumer desire to impress and experiment in the kitchen, helping people to cook like a professional. The current situation only seems to have accelerated this with more people than ever experimenting with different cooking techniques at home. Our first product will help establish our brand and provide a platform for our additional products. Our intention is to grow over the next 5 years, helping us to deliver greater value for a tradesale and a 10x return to our investors.

Are there additional benefits to being an investor in Njori?

We will be offering investors first access to the product as well as other rewards alongside the shares they receive. Details of the rewards we are offering can be found on our pitch page here.

What to do next?

Sign up to Crowdcube here. And then tell your friends in case they're also interested!