Tempo product

The smart induction cooker that enables you to measure, monitor and regulate temperature to compose perfect meals, every time.

The Njori story

Jack Raison

Nick Orme

The idea for the Njori Tempo came about through a shared love of good design, technology and an obsession with fried chicken.

We have been designing and developing innovative kitchenware for prestigious clients including Joseph Joseph and Jamie Oliver ever since we graduated back in 2012. Jack is a mechanical designer with an incredible engineering brain; Nick is the creative product designer, bringing the technology together in a neat, user-friendly package. We share a love of sleek ergonomic design and nifty engineering. Together we make an awesome kitchenware design team.

That’s the official bio, anyway...

Really, the key to our story is a passion for perfectly cooked fried chicken. Is there anything tastier than piping hot, crispy-coated, succulent chicken eaten with your hands? Yet mastering a home-cooked version of this moreish classic is no mean feat.

An obsession that had preoccupied Nick for many years by the time he met Jack became a shared mission with the introduction of an assortment of gastronomic gadgetry – sous vide machines, deep-fat fryers, weighing scales, thermometers and probes. During months and months of lab-like experimentation we tried every possible variation of ingredients, preparation and cooking methods. Finally, we hit on the winning recipe that resulted in super-tender, juicy chicken that only needed to be deep fried for 30 seconds. We’d created a far superior version of KFC at home that was healthier too!

By day, we were product designers of pioneering kitchenware. By night, we were hosts of chicken parties, cooking for as many friends as we could squeeze into our one-bed flats, who couldn’t get enough of our signature dish. Soon we were honing other recipes using the same precision cooking techniques and turning out restaurant-standard steak, succulent duck breast and perfect poached eggs.

The only problem? The motley crew of clunky kitchen gadgets involved in pulling off such gastronomy, all taking up prime real-estate in our tiny kitchens. This dilemma got our design and development brains thinking: why isn’t there a single product that offers complete control with endless possibilities to experiment yet comes in a streamlined, beautiful design that takes up a fraction of cupboard space?

The idea of the Njori Tempo was born.

Njori image